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Hi! I'm Yi Lin (read as one word: yi-lin).

I'm a photographer/writer turned digital marketer and have been practicing in the industry for 5+ years.

I've worked at an arts festival, at one of the biggest international jewellery brands in the world, and multiple side projects. Having a creative eyes means that my strengths lie in creating and curating the right visuals and crafting the right tone for brands.

There would also be no escaping data at this point in time, which means that I'm consistently learning new things about performance marketing, data analysis and have dipped my toes into the subject of AI and machine learning.

Currently, I'm working on:

• Pebbles + Herbs (founder)
Handmade preserved botanical accessories
// branding, product maker, photographer, copywriter, social media manager, e-commerce manager, finance manager //

Pastel Skies (creator)
Aesthetic ombre apparel (e-commerce site)
// website builder, social media manager //

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Prose –


I watched his face, half-buried in the sea of duvets
Serene and undisturbed
Nothing quite like the night before
When it was all brows and furrows
As he said he didn’t know if he could do this anymore

But he stayed
Same bed, slightly apart
I stared up at the ceiling for hours
In hopes that the dark void would somehow calm my beating heart

Void merged with void
and soon I was asleep
but not before he did
It all seemed so simple, just close your eyelids

Even as daylight made a space of its own
In our bedroom
A place on my bed
A spot next to his head

As if to say, maybe you can try again today
Here’s some space, maybe try a softer gaze
Maybe we’ll all be just okay


with words like soft
tender, delicate, whisper
i'm a tiny wildflower with violet petals
peeking out from between gravel cracks
the world too fast and firm for me
when somewhere in the woods
lie a bed of similars i can't yet seem to reach

journal entry: 29 august 2014, 8:30am

unlike so many others
i've never wanted summer to last
for it meant being away from you
it meant endless nothing days


I came across it in a dream
Even though I don’t live there anymore
It was warm and happy and green

Among the leaves and coffee
Were my new friends
We’d visit it as a trip
But like all trips this came to an end

I was awaken by something I now can’t remember
And I couldn’t get back into the dream, as I had feared
Away and away, it went
Was it me who stepped further or was it time that backwards was sent?

But my friends were still here
In the present and supposedly, near
It’s been a weird year, we all say
As we kept indoors every passing day

All these for some near distant future
Where once again, we didn’t have to fear our own areas
And planes and buses would run in sun and rain
When we could all visit my hometown again


It was small.
We told ourselves it was nothing more
than a drop of water
that we carried
so carefully
in our palms, balancing,
never knowing

that liquid could carry so much weight,
could change shape
that it was a type of chemical
trickling in,
trickling in till it was all too late.

Now it’s a monster
that grovels and calls
from the depths of the darkness
Was it in a hollow cave or the depths of our lores
In search for traces of air
for lighter tunnels, passageways to release a disaster

A huge roar and out it poured
In all its heavy, mutated gore

But maybe all it needed was the sight
of just a little bit of light.

Copywriting –


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